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When you get a treatment at the salon there are a variety of burn hazards you need to watch out for. Luckily most cosmetic treatments are carried out with no burns occurring, but that doesn’t mean that you can be complacent. Sometimes it happens that an injury occurs that gives rise to a claim for compensation. How do you know if you will be able to make a claim? Can you actually sue a therapist if you suffer a wax burn or other burn in the salon?

Common Types of Burn Hazard in the Salon

There are many different cosmetic burn hazards in the salon. These include burns from the chemicals that therapists use for dyeing and straightening hair, burns from hot liquids like wax which is used for hair removal, and burns from lasers that are also used for hair removal.

Why Do Cosmetic Burns Take Place?

The most likely reasons for cosmetic burns are procedures being performed by untrained or inexperienced therapists, lack of focus and concentration when carrying out the procedure, and neglecting to perform safety procedures associated with treatments such as skin tests.

Can I Make a Claim?

A claim can usually be made for a wax burn injury or a laser hair removal burn injury when the injury occurred through no fault of your own, as a result of the incompetence or negligence of the therapist. Normally they would be expected to carry out the procedure to a high standard, and if this does not happen and an injury results, you may need a lawyer. You may also need a laser burn lawyer if burns injuries cause psychological damage.

How Much You Can Claim

The amount of money you can be awarded following a claim depends on the injury and where it affected the body, including whether it has emotional or financial consequences. The more severe and impactful the injury, the higher the amount awarded.

The length of time it takes to make and gain the claim depends also on how severe the situation is. In general, if you have less serious injuries the case will normally progress more quickly. There are also other factors that can affect how long the claim takes, including whether the salon or the other party admits liability, and whether the claim gets taken to court. Consult a professional solicitor to check what you can expect from a personal injury claim.

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