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Choosing one steroid among these two depends totally on individual’s preference because each and every steroid works differently on different individual. Some individual may respond to Anadrol and other to Dianabol because their body is different. But one thing is sure these two are most powerful and most common steroids used in the world of bodybuilding today. It is better to understand the effectiveness of both these steroids and choose one among them which will be more suitable.

Anadrol rises the testosterone levels, shed off fat in the body. It is essential for the tolerance of muscle growth with standards. These prescription strength type anabolic steroids are considered to be legal and safe with fewer side effects for the users. These steroids provide nutritional growth to hormonal glands like endocrine and pituitary glands that support in the production of growth factors, testosterone levels and enlarge the metabolism, protein composition, and oxygenation. These all will make a great effect in growing stronger muscles. It also improves the muscles with decreasing the decay in tissues and reduces the body weight.

During the injectable oxymetholone suspension cycle, water retention is beneficial. This helps in lubricating the joints. Later using steroids like Anadrol this water retention can be reduced.

To get the best results one must start with lowest possible dose. It is better to keep this conservative since side effects can be very nasty. After a week, one may feel the effects are wearing off then user should increase the dosage. Sometimes user may feel the effects are really slow. But he should not get disappointed. It takes time to see the significant results. But this doesn’t mean the drug has stopped working.

Anadrol is more efficient for building a bulking figure, improving strength and stamina. After a heavy workout and strength training session, this pill will help to recover from the stress on muscles and lessen the effect of wear and tear on your tissues.

Before one takes steroids in the form of cycle, they should make sure that steroids suit their body and it affects their health positively. Numbers of factors depend on the success or side-effects of the steroid. These are depending on the age, gender and genetic factors, overall health, diet, exercise routines and amount of intake.

Steroids which come under this category and contain androgenic properties have the tendency to promote growth of skeletal muscle tissue with masculinization. Thus, this drug improves the overall body mass of the muscles and improves strength. In order to build muscle, our body needs protein and anadrol helps in converting the food that we intake to protein and helps to build muscles. Due to this, one can see great muscle gains with in the first 6 weeks which are a gain of 2-4 pounds per week. So why wouldn’t this be body builders favorite?

Note: Anadrol can react with some drugs. Hence, inform your doctor of any drugs and medical conditions that you have.

Taking Anadrol should be avoided by pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Because Anadrol is very effective, quick results can be seen and these will stop after certain dose.

Be cautious as too many of red blood cells is also not good for arteries as it may blog the arteries.

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