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Most people associate hair thinning and balding with men. While it is certainly true that many men do suffer from this problem, there are a significant number of women who also suffer from hair thinning and loss. For these women, it can become a crippling issue as they lose self-esteem and confidence, often going into a shell and feeling the need to hide from the rest of the world. In the worst case scenario, it can lead to anxiety, social isolation, and even depression.

Losing Your Hair?

Hair thinning and hair loss in women may be triggered by any of the following things:

  • Stress: Periods of extreme and sustained stress can lead to hair falling out. Though many women suffering from stress may experience more hair falling out than normal, but only in small amounts, some women experience the loss of clumps of hair, which can look unsightly.
  • Genetics: Androgenetic Alopecia may not be as common in women as it is in men, but genetic hair loss is the cause of a lot of hair thinning in women. Did your mother’s hair thin over time? What about your grandmother?
  • Medical conditions: There are a variety of conditions that can cause hair loss, including pregnancy, thyroid disorders, and anaemia. Even skin problems as common as psoriasis and dermatitis can be the cause of hair loss on the scalp.
  • Hair treatments: Plenty of women dye their hair, but did you know that excessive dyes, hair treatments, and blow drying can cause damage to the hair and cause it to fall out?
  • Malnutrition: Women with anorexia often experience hair thinning as the body struggles to gain the necessary nutrition from a poor and lacking diet.
  • Medical treatments: Serious treatments like chemotherapy and radiotherapy often cause hair loss within a fairly short period of time.

One Way to Get Back Your Self-Confidence

Many women looking to repair their self-esteem, which has been damaged due to hair loss, may think that a wig is the best answer, but there is another female hair thinning treatment that is more effective, and produces a more natural look and feel. The Enhancer system is becoming a popular method of treating hair loss and providing much needed confidence to many women.

Unlike an old fashioned wig, or other traditional hairpiece, the Enhancer system begins with the fitting of a special mesh over the scalp. Any healthy hairs on the scalp are then drawn through it and combined with other human hair that is carefully applied without glues and heat treatments. The key to this system is that not only are existing hairs used, but that the additional human hair is matched in terms of colour and texture.

The benefits of this system is that it results in a more natural look and feel because it uses existing hairs, and other hairs that match. The other benefit is that it can be cut and coloured in a style that suits the woman. In short, this treatment results in more confidence, and a head of hair that looks and feels natural.

Brenda Hyland

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