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You may have heard about electromagnetic radiation, or electromagnetic field (EMF). If you have heard of it, you’re probably worried. Do you need to be scared? Is there anything actually dangerous about electromagnetic radiation?

Electromagnetic Radiation is Everywhere

If it is dangerous, it is very hard to actually avoid it. EMFs are energy fields that are generated by equipment and gadgets that use electrical power. Given that most of us are surrounded by these gadgets practically every moment of our lives, you can expect to be exposed to electromagnetic fields on a regular basis. EMFs come from a wide variety of things, from cell phones to microwaves, radios to TVs.

What is Electromagnetic Radiation?

Electromagnetic radiation is generated when voltage changes or when there is a flow of electric current. There are different types of electromagnetic radiation including non-ionizing radiation. This type of electromagnetic radiation is considered to be harmless as it is not potent. Sources include microwaves, PCs, wireless networks, cell phones, power lines, and others. Ionizing radiation is what you consider to be high-frequency radiation which is definitely damaging under certain circumstances. Ionizing radiation includes ultraviolet light, x-rays, and gamma rays. But is non-ionizing radiation really safe?

Non-Ionizing Radiation Dangers

Research shows that electromagnetic radiation from common gadgets like cell phones can actually cause harm to the body. Experts have demonstrated that there is a link between cancer and cell phones, for example. It is best not to carry a cell phone on the body, and to use emf protection for phones, since this is one of the prime ways that your body comes into contact with EMFs.

Wi-Fi is another current health concern regarding EMFs, since it is a relatively new technology and not a lot of research has taken place into its safety. You may need to be exposed to EMFs from Wi-Fi for a considerable amount of time, but the dangers remain – wireless networks have been linked with toxicity and a negative effect on the cells in the body. It is a good idea to switch off Wi-Fi when you are not using it. Many people complain of health issues like dizziness, weakness, anxiety, and feeling faint when they are exposed to strong Wi-Fi signals all day.

In terms of power lines, it is generally safer the further you move away from the lines. You only really get exposed to significant levels of EMFs when you are right under the lines. If you live close to power lines you can measure their strength with monitors.

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