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Most of the people don’t realize how oral care can help them in warding off medical issues. Keeping your mouth, gums and teeth in good state prevents the chances of commonest to chronic oral issues such as bad breath, gum infection, tooth decay, etc. By taking the best care of your teeth, you can ensure healthy teeth throughout your life.

How does your oral condition reveal your health?

There is a deep connection of dental hygiene to the overall health of a person. By looking at the saliva, the doctor can tell many things about your body. Saliva is a possible indicator of the good health or symptoms of health disease.

Saliva is a determining factor that can easily test several types of conditions. Such as

  • stress responses in babies,
  • power to monitor bone loss in men and women,
  • the presence of illegal drugs, hormones, antibodies,
  • environmental toxins that lead to hepatitis, Parkinson’s disease, liver cirrhosis, different types of infectious diseases and certain types of cancers.

How does oral care prevent diseases?

Saliva present in the mouth not just protects a person against harmful bacteria, but beneficial enzymes present in it also aids in destroying them. Some of these ways are by thinning bacterial membranes, the formation of plaque, gingivitis, restricting their growth and metabolism, and disturbing bacterial enzyme systems.

How to take best oral care?

Better Nutrition

Use your teeth to chew your food properly. Take calcium and vitamin rich foods to prevent the development of cavities, infection of tooth and gums and loss of the tooth.

Daily brushing

It is advisable to brush two times a day that is after waking up and before going to bed. One should floss at least once daily.

Use authentic and best quality dental care products

It is advisable to use the best quality toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash that efficiently kill germs and keep your mouth clean and fresh.

Go for regular dental checkups

To ensure your mouth is in the best state, you should go for regular dental checkups. Get regular inspection and cleaning done every year to keep your teeth and gums in the best condition.   

Healthy mouth can protect you from dental issues but an unhealthy mouth can increase the chances of chronic health issues such as stroke, heart attack, preterm labor, diabetes, etc. Knowing this, it is important to follow the best dental care practices with due diligence.

Brenda Hyland

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