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If you are struggling to lose weight or maintain a good body, then joining the gym along with a healthy diet is always advisable. At the gym, you will find various equipment which can help you in losing a lot of weight and maintain a firm body. Treadmills and stationary bikes are considered as the best and the most efficient gym equipment for weight loss.

There are different kinds of modes available in such equipment, which can be accessed according to the personal preference. It is always advisable to start from the lowest mode and then enhance it gradually as you get the hang of the equipment.

Stationary bikes have been popular since many years. These come to help of those people, who cannot ride a bicycle in their area. Stationary bikes will help you in losing a lot of weight and shaping your legs well. However, the time you need to exercise on the bike will be decided by your trainers.

You can seek expert guidance from the online websites. In this article, we will be discussing about the miracle workouts on stationary bike, which can allow you to cut down the extra fat.

Learn about the best kind of stationary bike workout – Easy, Moderate and Hard

When we discuss about the easy, moderate and hard modes, we basically refer to the phases of exertion or the amount of force, which you will exert. This Best exercise bike work out will last for about 20 mins in which you will keep on switching the phases. Here are some facts to know –

  • Easy – in this you will feel that you are riding on a flat base.
  • Moderate – in this, your heart will start to beat a bit faster and you will feel a lot heavier on the legs.
  • Hard – in the hard phase, your body will feel all the exertion and you may feel like giving up. But it is essential to keep the workout going for few minutes.

Which are some of the effective exercises for stationary bikes?

Some of the most effective workouts to be done on a stationary bike have been mentioned below –

  • Monitoring the heart rate – make sure that you monitor your heart rate in this exercise, the higher your heart rate, the more calories you will be able to burn.

  • 30-minutes tabata stationary bike workout – here you alter the rate of perceived exertion (RPE).

If you plan to do a cardio on a stationary bike, then make sure to ask an expert before doing anything.

Brenda Hyland

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