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 There are many kinds of steroids used by people for various reasons. Anabolic steroids are used by body builders and athletes. Androgenic steroids are used for recreational use. Then there are other types of steroids which may fit many other categories. Generally, when it comes to steroid use, most countries have specific laws about their use and other than medical use, is not recommended or comes under Controlled Substances Act. Most of the European Union Countries, the UK and the US have banned the use of steroids for competitive sports. Likewise, in South Africa too they are banned for sports usage. Expats from other countries who are residing in South Africa better know the legal laws of the country before using them as to avoid any legal troubles.

Lax Laws

Till a few years ago, South Africa turned a blind eye to the use of drugs in sports and other recreational drugs. Apart from that, it was also one of the notable countries with prevalent drug use and distribution centers of the African continent. In the sports field, some names like Alfonso Adonis – weight lifter, Enzo Lezzi – a cyclist, Daniel Ross – a power lifter and Jared Lovett – a boxer were given mild to severe suspensions for they were caught using steroids in their respective fields. It is rumored that their national sport, Rugby is also under the cloud for steroid use but never have been proven till date. If one is looking for a SA Anabolics price list, then this may not be readily available in a pharmacy but when searching internet or forums for body building, then it is possible one can obtain a list of items and their prices.

Current Laws of SA

From an apartheid regime some years back, South Africa has entered the main stream world. After the banning of the sports people, the South African government has setup a watchdog agency called Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation(Hawks)to monitor the drug usage amongst other illegal activities like corruption and organized crimes. Under the current laws, medical and personal use of steroids is allowed but not for competitive sports. Neither is the import and export of steroids legal unless it is approved by the government. Possession of large quantities is also prohibited. If caught in sports, the player is barred from competitions for a number of years and an organization can be fined heavily for possession of the drugs.

Improving Situations

The situation became alarming when the government found that school students have been using the drug for some time. Currently, students are being tested for steroid and other drug abuses and schools are paying a hefty sum for the clean-up drive. It was noted that the residents from the UK, Australia and the UK are the majority of steroid users in South Africa. These people are looking for a SA Anabolics price list for their consumption. If a prescription is available, then it is possible to obtain it in local medical stores. Else, they have to rely on online stores like to get quality steroids as they ship worldwide at nominal costs.

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