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There are few things more important than effective, healthy eyesight. So much of human experience, from driving a car to working your job, from caring for your family to seeing your way to a night on the town, from reading everything from your bank statement to Shakespeare to this short little article, requires quality eyesight!

All of which makes it all the more important to ensure that you get the treatment you need and deserve as far as your eyesight is concerned. For those who are suffering from a variety of different ocular maladies, from mild cataracts and blurry vision to even more serious visually obstructive issues, consulting with ophthalmological specialists is key. One major treatment, LASIK, is increasingly accurate and popular – and here’s why.

What Is LASIK?

For those not in the know, LASIK is a form of laser eye surgery. It aims, via the use of an accurate, targeted laser (either a femtosecond laser or microkeratome blade), to create a thin flap in the corneal region. This in turn can help the patient with a variety of different of ocular issues.

Who Is Eligible?

So, just who is eligible for LASIK eye surgery?

That depends on what your condition is and expectations are. For as effective as it is, laser eye surgery is not a magic treatment that can cure any and all vision problems. That said, it can cure a great deal and has been shown to be extremely effective with respect to certain conditions in particular. Most notably, those suffering from astigmatism, nearsightedness, or farsightedness can be helped in a profound and lasting way. While you always want to consult with an ophthalmologist before undergoing any major eye treatment or surgery, a few seconds of LASIK could in your case mean a lifetime of vastly improved vision!

There are certain types of people for whom LASIK eye surgery may not be appropriate. For example, if you have had a significant increase in a prescription relating to your particular visual condition in the last twelve months, are pregnant, or have certain pre-existing medical conditions, you may not be an optimal candidate for LASIK at the moment, though it might remain an option for you in the future.

Experience on Your Side

When it comes to something as important as your eyesight, not to mention surgery in which lasers are involved, it’s safe to say that you’re going to want a steady and experienced hand on your side. That’s why the best practitioners of LASIK in San Antonio typically have decades of experience in the field, ensuring that you receive informed opinions on the latest procedures and the finest care from trained professionals dedicated to helping people see better once again.

Discover a whole new world of laser eye surgery with advanced LASIK techniques today!

Brenda Hyland

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